Anything that you dream and desire to manifest in your life will always manifest when your soul is in alignment with allowing it into your reality

Hi! I am Alexis Butler...

I believe in manifesting. Manifesting your greatness. Whether it’s in other areas of your life or within your pregnancy, you have the power to bring forth success in any aspect you choose. My experience with support and mental health were not what they should have been with my pregnancy, therefore, I manifested “struggle”, “hurt” and “fear”.I didn’t understand the power that I had. You may be in that same space, I want to help you get out of that. I want to create space for you to manifest your best self and best outcome for your baby. I am the owner of The Manifestation of Greatness Birthing Services and I would like to share my story with you.

I Wasn't Ready.

I was fresh out of college; I had just officially gotten into the real world. What was I supposed to do with this?! “This” sent me into a downward spiral of trauma, emotional baggage, anger, you name it I was having trouble with it! I needed help and got it, or at least I thought I did.

I Moved and found Myself

Who I thought, per her reviews, was a provider that was a good fit. Well time told me otherwise. I could barely talk to her, when I went to bring my research to her, it got dismissed. She preferred research backed by sciences and wasn’t very pro-natural, she basically turned down almost everything on my birth plan and even labeled me high risk. High risk, really? But what could I do, all the providers my insurance covered had waiting lists and I needed care! Now! Long story short, I had my son. HE was amazing, my labor experience not so much. I vowed I’d never allow a mother to feel as discarded as I did.

Now, Trauma!

There I was, this fragile woman with a beautiful baby boy. I had to stay focused and become selfless. Basically, a new person, a mother. My little bundle of joy needed his mother, whole. So, I went and got real help this time. From family, from friends, my doctors and most importantly my postpartum therapist.

Hi. I am Alexis Butler,
a certified holistic birth-keeper.

As you can see mental health is important in adequate prenatal and postpartum care, equally. I became a doula to offer this to mothers like me. I am the owner of The Manifestation of Greatness Birthing Services.


Trained by:

Holistically Empowered Rebel Birthkeepers Academy of Learning.

Certified as:

  • Holistic Birthkeeper
  • Antenatal, birth, postpartum and grief doula
  • Placenta Handler
  • Childbirth Educator

Educated by:

Jackson State University

Acknowledged as:

  • Quality Mental Health
  • Professional 

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