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A doula is a trained non-medical birth coach who supports a mother and/or partner through childbirth.The overall goal of a doula is for their client to feel prepared, be informed and feel emotionally stable to experience childbirth; all while complementing the role of the health professionals who are actually providing medical care to the client. 


Fees: $1,200

Fees are based on the budget of the family. If lower income please provide proof of income to receive assistance in fee scale.

No obligation for initial consultation to ensure doula and family are a solid fit for one another.
• 24/7 availability by phone/text/email
• Two prenatal visits
• Education on childbirth process
• Lending library to use for self-help
• Early labor support in your home
• Support at the birth and at least 2 hours postpartum          • Education of comfort and relaxation techniques
• Education of informed consent
• Breastfeeding support
• Two postpartum visits to help you adjust in the first weeks
• Provide valuable local resources, including therapy, chiropractic and self care opportunities.


Fees: $20.00 per hour for days only

Multiplies or extended travel will be an additional charge.

• Support for up to 4 weeks after birth
• Insure that mother is rested and nourished
• Assist with emotional and physical recovery from childbirth
• Assist with breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping
• Help organize household with light housekeeping
• Help and resources for coping skills, postpartum concerns and infant soothing


  • Fertility Preparation       $750 
  • Placenta Encapsulation  $225
  • Tribal Trauma Healing   $150

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